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Where to Put a Microwave in a Small Kitchen

In today’s fast-paced world, microwaves are indispensable kitchen appliances. Not only can they quickly heat up a pot of soup or cook dinner quickly, but they can also reheat leftovers with ease if space is limited. Not only does this save you time and hassle in small spaces where countertop space is limited, but microwaves save even more!

However, not all homeowners know where their microwave should go in the kitchen. Many first consider throwing it away when actually, it’s an indispensable kitchen tool that should remain at hand.

To resolve your problem, you may wish to explore one of these options:

Custom Cabinets

One popular solution for hiding your microwave is installing it in a cabinet that matches existing ones. To do this, purchase a trim kit compatible with your built-in microwave that can be easily installed with minimal effort.

If your kitchen is on the small side, placing your microwave in a cabinet with an alcove is one option. This way, you can hide it behind another piece of furniture while still having plenty of room to move around in there.

microwave in the kitchen cabinet
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You can maximize the efficiency of your microwave by selecting a cabinet deep enough to house it comfortably and making sure that it can be connected to electricity inside. Doing this will allow you to get more use from your oven.

Floating Shelves

A floating shelf is an excellent option if you want to maximize storage and the aesthetics of your kitchen. Plus, it allows you to conveniently locate the microwave near other cabinets and appliances in the room.

But you should plan ahead and select a shelf that is deeper than the standard 12″. This way, your microwave won’t take up too much kitchen space and you can fit other items on it as well.

Microwaves should have at least three inches of clearance on both top and side for ventilation, to prevent them from overheating and shortening their lifespan.

When selecting a cabinet for your kitchen, the design and color should be taken into account. A well-chosen cabinet can add an elegant touch to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

microwave on the table in the kitchen
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For additional storage, consider using a cabinet with a lift-up lid. Here you can store other appliances and the microwave can easily be placed on top of it.

You can place your microwave in a cabinet under the island. This is often done in smaller kitchens to free up counter space. However, be mindful not to place it too close to counters or bend too much when placing items into the machine.