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How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cabinet handles may seem inconsequential, but they can make a big impact in a room. Updating old hardware with modern hardware is an affordable and speedy way to freshen up an outdated kitchen.

When selecting handles, there are plenty of styles to choose from – from knobs to pulls and wire to bar. Choose one that is easy to grip and complements your cabinets’ design and aesthetic.

Depending on your budget, you have two choices: DIY-friendly or professional installation. Either way, make sure that the hardware you invest in is secure.

How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The initial step in installing cabinet hardware is determining its location. Generally, the handle should be installed between one” and four” from either the top or bottom edge of the door for optimal centering and aesthetic appeal. This ensures that your cabinet looks its best!

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To get this precise, a handle jig (opens in new tab) is an indispensable tool. This simple device helps you mark a straight line and eliminates the potential for drilling mistakes.

Use a jig that extends up to 38” when installing long handles on doors and drawers. Additionally, this tool should allow you to mark a guide hole in the front of the cabinet for easier alignment.

Prior to drilling, be sure to verify the fixing centers of the handle are in their intended positions. Doing this helps guarantee that the door won’t come loose while opening it.

Once the handle has been secured in its desired location, drill the screw holes. Drilling a screw hole in an inappropriate place could necessitate disassembling your cabinet and replacing it altogether.

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Before drilling, it is wise to apply wood filler to the old holes. Doing this will prevent the wood from splintering when screws are driven through it.

Finally, use thread sealant on every screw you insert into the door. Doing this will prevent screws from working their way out of knobs and turning your cabinets into a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Now that the hardware is installed, you can finally move on to the fun part – selecting your hardware! Now is an ideal opportunity to experiment with various pulls and knobs to see which you like best. Plus, take your time selecting the perfect finish for your new hardware!