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How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Your Kitchen

Sugar ants may occasionally make an appearance in your kitchen, but don’t let them take over. Make a concerted effort to keep these pests out of your home as much as possible for a more pleasant living space.

The First Step: Block Off Entryways

The most effective way to eliminate sugar ants from your home is by making sure there are no holes or crevices they can use to enter. This includes inspecting windows, doors and baseboards for cracks that could allow them access. If you find any, be sure to caulk them shut with caulk.

Another effective way to keep insects away is by using an ant spray that contains organic solutions or natural ingredients. These products are non-toxic and safe for your family to use. However, always read product labels beforehand to confirm that any chemical ingredients used are secure around children, pets and plants in your home.

Second, be sure to regularly sweep or vacuum your kitchen floor after meals in order to eliminate pheromone trails from food. Even small amounts of food on counters or floors can attract sugar ants into your home.

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Third, ensure your garbage bin is secured to prevent ants from accessing discarded food. This can be especially important if there are gaps in your trash bag or if it’s full.

Fourth, hang garlic in your pantry or hang cloves from cabinet knobs to confuse ants. Similar to bay leaves, cloves have a strong odor which throws off their scent trail and prevents them from entering your home.

Fifth, incorporate herbs that are known to repel ants into your kitchen for extra protection. Peppermint, sage and tansy have strong fragrances that keep pests at bay.

Sixth, make your own homemade insect repellent using water and some drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil. Apply it to kitchen islands, pantry shelves and other key areas where ants might be active.

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Seventh, do your best to keep your kitchen area as tidy as possible by sweeping or vacuuming at least once daily during summer months. Doing this will help prevent any pheromone trails from being left behind for other ants to follow.

Eighth, make sure to clean up any open containers of food in your kitchen and dispose of them properly. Doing this will prevent ants from having access to additional sources of sugary treats to indulge in.

Ninth, regularly clean the sinks and countertops in your kitchen to ensure there are no leaks attracting sugar ants. Doing this will also help eliminate their nesting sites.

If the above methods aren’t working to eliminate kitchen ants, you might consider calling in a pest control professional for an assessment and remedial measures. They’ll be able to assess the extent of the issue, suggest treatments and give you an estimate for their services.