Orion Code Review – is Edward Robinson Software a Scam?

Imagine going through all of the steps to setup a binary options software like Orion CodeĀ and then realizing it is a scam. This is the worst feeling a trader can have other than losing money to a scam.

So, what is this review going to provide?


It will give an inside look at “The Orion Code” by Edward Robinson and what it brings to the table for those who want to feel certain about the software they’re using.

Here are the features, pros, and cons of the software along with a verdict on how good it is.

The Orion Code Features

  • Built-In Algorithm For Binary Options Trading
  • Automated Software
  • Produces Thousand Dollar Days
  • Risk-Free Trading Guaranteed
  • Simple To Use Interface
  • Free To Download

Trading Made Easy

The automated nature of the algorithm is a must in this day and age when you’re looking to reduce the time spent in front of your computer staring at a screen. With the simplicity of this software and how it runs, you can adjust the settings and make sure it continues to run trades for as long as you require.

The power of this software is hard to deny.

it runs like a beast and continues to produce results even as you’re sleeping.

Real-Time Adjustments

The adjustments they provide through regular software updates make the interface a breeze. They are always listening to what users have to suggest and that is what makes them special. The updates are not only to the algorithm for market adjustments but with the interface itself.

This web-based solution is a world-class software that is going to provide real-time adjustments regularly.

This consistency is a big selling point for them as most other competitors are not able to bring this to the table and that is a major issue for most people. You want something that is simple, and this does a good job of that.

Guaranteed Results

How about the results? Will you be able to make real money in the short and long-term? Yes, most people are going to notice money coming in within the first few hours, and that is common. In fact, most people have seen dollars trickle in from the moment they set up.

This is the beauty of an algorithm that is constantly running and working hard for you.

These guaranteed results are a big part of what the software offers and how it can generate great results. For most, it is a valuable addition that is going to be life-changing.

Excellent Design

Edward Robinson has worked hard with his team to make sure the design is special. He often talks about how much time they’ve spent working on the software to get it spot on. He wanted to help people get to the next step in their life and become financially independent.

He was tired of seeing rich people take advantage of others and try to squeeze as much money out of the market as possible.

His algorithm has evened the playing field, and that’s what he shows through the design. It can generate quality trades on a regular basis and looks the part.

Great Testimonials

The testimonials are positive about what the software can do and how well it works. This is important for those who want to make sure they’re not taking a risk that is a waste. With the testimonials, it becomes easier to understand the power of this software and how well it works.

People often cite more than just the earnings. They talk about the customer service and how the real-time updates are constant.

This support is fantastic and a big part of what separates them as a company.

No Risk With Download

There are two safety nets in place for a person that is getting this software.

  • Free Download Of Software
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

These are the two things you’ll enjoy when it pertains to the software and how their customer service is. They will make sure you are not taking any chances with the software itself.

This is the thought process behind Edward Robinson’s work, and it’s beautiful, to say the least. You are being handed an algorithm that’s life-changing and it doesn’t get better than this.

Sign Up Is Elongated

This is the first con a person is going to note down with “The Orion Code.” While the sign up is free and you can acquire the software straight through your email account, it is going to take time to fill in the details, and that is not appreciated by most.

You will want to get started, and this little hurdle isn’t something you want to go through.

However, from their perspective, this information is important as it will help them get to know more about you and remain in contact as time progress. There is a give and take here in the end.

Requires Deposit

The software itself is free to download, but Edward Robinson’s team have designed it in a way where an initial deposit is required to get started. This is a minimal $250 deposit that will be sent to a broker to initiate your trading account.

This might be a problem for those who want to start with a smaller amount, but the earnings will come back in minutes for most.

It is a con that won’t be one after the first day itself.

Concluding Thoughts

After looking at all of the pros and cons, it becomes clear this is the ultimate option for those who want to get started with binary options trading.

You’re not going to get as robust of a software solution that “The Orion Code” by Edward Robinson. His team has crafted an incredible algorithm that is easy to use and is going to be earning money for you and others long into the future.

If you want to get involved in this industry and become financially independent, you should be concentrating on setting up this software and watching as the money rolls in.


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