Android Apps That You Can Earn Money With Easily

There are many Android apps that can be used to help you make money. Here you can learn about which programs are legitimate, and what to look for when searching for more.

Why Use Apps To Make Money?


If you are going to be carrying your smartphone around or have other devices nearby, you can use them to make you some extra cash. To get started, there are some apps below that are well known and that will actually pay.


Do you live in an area where there are events such as concerts? You can get paid through this app by media outlets if you capture photographs of what is going on in your area. Since you probably bring your smartphone with you to most places you go, having this app installed will lead to you making money if you happen to be in the right place at the right time!

Google Opinion Rewards

This app lets you earn reward points you can use with Google Play. While this is not cash based, it can cover purchases through Google’s Play store that you may have made anyway. These points can be used to get apps, eBooks, music, and more. Every week you’ll be given a few surveys to do and they pay from ten cents to a couple of bucks at times. This adds up quickly!

Streak For The Cash By ESPN

Are you into sports? Then you can work with this program to win a contest. You have a new one starting each week where the goal is to identify who you think is going to win a variety of sports games. Every year they have over a million dollars worth of prizes that can be yours if you are able to successfully predict game outcomes.


This is an interesting way to try and meet goals you set for yourself. Basically, you have to pay money out to people if you don’t meet the goals you have. If you do, then you can earn some money. Anyone that wants to be more active and has a good amount of motivation can easily earn with this app. Those that are not active shouldn’t use this app because they will end up paying more into it than they get out of it!


You can use this app to collect points that you can turn into gift card rewards. You’re able to use Viggle to answer questions as you watch a variety of live shows. They also ask you to watch certain shows or listen to music of a certain kind and if the app hears what you’re supposed to be checking out you’ll be rewarded.

Surveys On The Go

This survey app lets you earn anywhere from twenty-five cents to five dollars depending on what kind of survey you are doing. There have even been people make twenty or more dollars on certain surveys, but they are said to be a little rarer. Answer questions in surveys honestly and you’re able to cash out at ten dollars in the form of gift cards.

Wild Wallet

This is an app that has a lot of good ratings attached to it and it works by you installing games or apps that you run. You can also get paid to watch movies or to work through offers companies put out for promotional purposes. Don’t try to cheat the system with this app because they check for people trying to use a variety of IPs to get more offers and ban them.


This app is another that lets you watch videos and do surveys The difference with this app is that you can cash out at a dollar, so you don’t have to wait too long to be able to get paid like a lot of other apps make you do. With a lot of good Play Store ratings, this smartphone app should be easy for newcomers to making money this way.


Android apps that pay you real money are now something you can work with easily. Once you know how they work and what they pay, you can select a variety of apps to install and use regularly for extra cash.

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